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Straight forward Rates
for Live Performances and Commissioned Songs

U of MWM is proud to provide commissioned songs to meet your needs. We're also an excellent choice when you want to hire a musician, as we offer incredible live performances. Please take a few minutes to review our rates. All taxes are included in the prices below. The prices below do not include travel expenses, SOCAN fees, or insurance costs. Get in touch with us today to ask about our referral program.

Our Rate Structure
  • Live 5-Song Set - $226 CDN Per Musician
  • Live Custom Song - $226 CDN per Musician
  • Practice/Rehearsal Sets - $113 CDN per Musician
  • Additional Live Songs - $23 CDN Each per Musician
  • Additional Practice/Rehearsal Song - $12 CDN Each per Musician
  • Basic Custom Song - $576 CDN for Guitar and Vocal Arrangement - Average Duration 3 Minutes 

  • Commercial Commissioned Songs
  • Longer Basic Custom Songs Or Set Performances
  • CDs of Your Custom Songs
  • Use of An On Or Off Site Recording Engineer
  • Special Projects and Events
  • Workshops